Discretely located nearby the Resort's entrance, the Sandoway Cinema is an emblem of mastered handcrafts and tasteful design details where 58 comfortable seats are faced with a state of the art screen and sound system which guarantee the guests the most enjoyable vision of international news and movies.

Built to provide our guests with an alternative service that would compensate the Resort's conceptual choice not to have a TV in the rooms, our cinema now represents one of the architectural masterpieces of the entire property: with its carved wooden door and windows and the rich ceiling displaying two sumptuous handmade “Naga”, the legendary Burmese dragon, the cinema becomes the ideal venue for those who would need to reconnect to the outer world with a comfortable yet contemporary entertainment.

Cinema schedule :

  • from 17:30 to 21:00 international news broadcast
  • from 21:00 a selected movie is displayed every night


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